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Make A Card

Make-a-Card is a quick simulation to demonstrate the advantages of Kanban and Pull over traditional Push and Batch. The full simulation with discussion can take less than an hour, and requires seven participants per table. The original manufacturing version of this game was developed by Mike Studley for ACT in England, and has been modified by HP and Lockheed, by Kevin Meyer and John Vermillion at Abbott in Salt Lake, and adapted for LCI by Will Lichtig and Greg Howell.

Price: $500.00
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Transforming Design & Construction: A Framework for Change

A diverse set of contributors have collaborated to create this Framework for Learning based on the transformative projects and experiences of their Lean practices. They span the breadth of the industry: owners, designers, builders, specialty contractors, educators and consultants. The papers, presented in chapter format, are intended to encourage discussion, learning and experimentation. They alone will not offer sufficient knowledge to implement all of these concepts. They will, however, help direct readers further along their learning journey..

Price: $53.00
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LCI Special Edition: This Is Lean

This is Lean gives an easily accessible, structured, and inspiring account and description of Lean. Most important perhaps is the value and effect of the joint development of the whole organization, and the structured way of working from co-workers to executives. Here are enormous benefits to gain  both for co-workers, for the company and organization, and not the least for the customer.

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Target Value Design: Introduction, Framework, and Current Benchmark


TVD is a method that makes customer constraints (on cost, time, location and others) drivers for design in pursuit of value delivery.

Price: $20.00
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Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation - Current State 2016

Executive Editors: Kristin Hill, Katherine Copeland and Christian Pikel

As the second edition in LCI's Transforming Design & Construction series, this manual, written by a team of over 20 Target Value Design practitioners, is made to provide readers with a "how to" of TVD in real projects.

Price: $53.00
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Silent Squares

The Silent Squares is a simulation that explores real and imagined boundaries and collaboration, and illustrates issues associated with thinking of projects as collective enterprises. It is a great simulation of the way a lot of work can get done collaboratively in construction and design. (And perhaps a better simulation of why work doesn't get done that way.)

Each Game includes directions, master templates and everything necessary to play. Each game covers up to 5 tables of 5 people.

Price: $150.00
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Parade of Trades

Parade of Trades Simulation Game

Life is complex, and it happens fast. Underlying issues and patterns are hard to see, and there is limited time for careful reflection. While the situations created by simulations are constrained, they remain real enough to elicit genuine emotions, reactions and behavior. Simulations simplify and slow things down. Simulations are fun, but keep your focus on learning. The Parade of Trades simulates the way work moves in a "Parade" through a project. It explores the impact of unpredictable workflow on project performance; the combined effects of dependence and variation on system performance. Things go wrong in simulations just as in real life. Don't lose the focus on learning, rather shift to exploring and understanding how the management of the simulation even with problems experienced can teach.

Price: $300.00
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7 products found. Now viewing 1 of 1 Page


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