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2017 CONGRESS EXHIBIT HALL WEBINAR SERIES - Advancing Your Supply Chain with LeanCor



Advancing Your Supply Chain with LeanCor

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1:00 pm to 1:30 pm EDT

Building Lean supply chains that focus on performance in spite of complexity is a challenge the construction industry is now solving. This means focusing on the entire supply chain, from end to end. By generating additional value and eliminating waste, Lean supply chain-centric decision making drives both operational and financial benefits that can transform an organization. 

In this webinar, join LeanCor as we discuss: 
• How to get started with Lean supply chain-centric decision making for construction supply   chains 
• Operating principles that guide decision making for key business processes 
• Management systems that drive sustainable cross-functional leadership, visibility,             collaboration, and engagement 
• KPI’s and improvement goals for the short and long term -- and how Lean supply chain-     centric decision making can help you achieve these goals 

Derek Browning is a Director, Consulting Services for LeanCor Supply Chain Group. In this role, Derek directs a portfolio of projects for the LeanCor Consulting division. Derek has extensive project experience in Lean, Six-Sigma, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Network Optimization, Distribution & Fulfillment Center Assessments & Transformations, Inventory Planning and Material Flow, Distribution Network Design, Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence and Post-Acquisition Integration. Derek has trained thousands of professionals in Lean, six-sigma, and supply chain, and has taught students and professionals at the University of Kentucky, Saint Louis University, Georgia Tech University, and Monterrey Tec’s Extension Campus in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Registration is free of charge  

This webinar is open to the first 500 people to sign on.  Anyone to sign on after that will be placed in a waiting room until there is space available. 

Registration for this event is closed.

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